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Donut Dark | Dark Roast

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The poor tires on your muscle car? Sometimes you've just got to roast them. The same is true for coffee beans. However, unlike the meats on the back of your cammed, sprayed, big block, street/strip machine, our dark roast isn't a pile of smoldering rubber when it's through. In fact, quite the opposite. Our Donut Dark, while lighter then some of the other "burnt" dark roasts out there, offers a that same bold flavor, all with a smooth, velvety finish -- like a perfect shift on a perfect pass.   

Drink it in the garage, the office, or while you're already on the road, the OFTR 'Donut Dark' Dark Roast is a full-bodied premium-grade fuel that lets you bring your passion for cars, bikes, trucks, and adventure, wherever you go.