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Straight-Six | Medium Roast

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Inspired by the many great inline-six engines that have powered everything from legendary Japanese cars to Italian LeMans racers, to soul-soothing British roadsters and German autobahn bruisers, our Straight-Six medium roast is the perfectly balanced workhorse of petrol-loving souls everywhere. Perfect as a gift for a car-loving client, the gearhead that has everything, or just to make your passion part of your everyday routine, the Straight-Six is always an excellent choice when fueling your ambitions. 

Drink it in the garage, the office, or while you're already on the road, the OFTR  'Straight-Six' Medium Roast is perfectly balanced just like a finely tuned inline-6 engine. 

"Roasted with the same care we show our vehicles"
Net Wt. 12 oz